An Inside Look into Liberty Two Degrees’ Mall Campaign #Create Tomorrow

There is no greater gift than the gift of kindness and generosity, and today, more than ever, vulnerable communities need our support – Amelia Beattie

The impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) cannot be denied. It has had overwhelming effects on the country’s socio-economic landscape and the call for solidarity with those left vulnerable during this unprecedented time has been heard by Real Estate REIT, Liberty Two Degrees (L2D).

As part of the drive to help restart the economy, and rebuild tomorrow for South Africans by paying it forward, L2D has launched an impact campaign called #CreateTomorrow, across its iconic retail portfolio. L2D’s retail portfolio consists of stakes in Sandton City, Nelson Mandela Square, Eastgate Shopping Centre, Liberty Midlands Mall and Liberty Promenade, co-owned alongside Liberty Group Limited, and Pareto Limited for the case of Sandton City.

The communities served by the nationwide shopping centres are at the very heart of the #CreateTomorrow campaign and it serves to support them through enriching and impactful initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic, and calls on us all to be custodians of this new chapter and unite in building tomorrow, together.

Under the #CreateTomorrow banner, the co-owners of these shopping centres have committed to donating 50% of all shopping centre parking revenue to the OnePeople Fund, an initiative which provides food to vulnerable communities nationwide. Amelia Beattie, Chief Executive of L2D comments on the #CreateTomorrow campaign:

There is no greater gift than the gift of kindness and generosity, and today, more than ever, vulnerable communities need our support. If there is one lesson we have learnt from this unprecedented chapter, is that one’s fate can change in a second, and one act of generosity today, no matter how small, can shape someone’s tomorrow. As we adjust to our new normal and consider how we can be that force for change, starting small is sometimes all that’s needed.

More so, each shopping centre co-owned by L2D has also embarked on individual impact initiatives within their respective regions.

Sandton City has partnered with the Rays of Hope charity to provide work for unemployed members of the Alexandra community, while also conducting a donation drive for winter called #WarmUpAlex and by donating funds to feed 250 families in the community. It has also partnered with SA Fashion Week to sell designer masks, in solidarity with the fashion industry, where proceeds go to seamstresses, pattern-makers, designers and fashion students impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eastgate Shopping Centre in collaboration with its Farm District has launched the ‘buy one, donate one’ fresh produce box project. For every mixed box of fresh produce bought, one is donated to the centre’s local soup kitchen, adding nutrient value to the meals provided to the organisation on a daily basis.

Liberty Midlands Mall is hosting a collection drive in support of the Pietermaritzburg based charity, the Community Chest, which enhances communities and restores hope amongst them. The donation drive focusses on clothes, non-perishable food and homeware.

Liberty Promenade is uplifting local organisations and schools with outreach programs to the vulnerable in the Mitchells Plein community. Beneficiaries include Heaven’s Shelter House, known for their work with destitute, homeless and abused mothers and their children; Cascade Primary in Tafelsig, the important education institution feeding up to 350 children in their area; and Nehemiah Call Initiative, an important organisation that reaches out to vulnerable youth and adults.

L2D believes in paying it forward, and its #CreateTomorrow campaign is a collective effort to help rebuild one South Africa for all through action and conversation. This collective effort can help, save, and shape tomorrow for someone in need. To join in these efforts, visit your nearest L2D mall and support their impact initiatives.