Sareit And Property Point Announce Strategic Partnership

Property Industry Bodies Join Hands to Support SMEs

The SA REIT Association (SAREIT or the Association) is pleased to announce that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Property Point aimed at driving initiatives to support SMMEs within the property sector. The strategic partnership forms part of SAREIT’s revised strategy, of which one of the core themes is to engage with other industry players to establish a stable, conducive business environment for all involved in the sector.

Shawn Theunissen, Founder and Head of Property Point says, “At Property Point, we strongly believe that partnerships and collaboration are the building blocks for providing real value to entrepreneurs’ development and success. Through our strategic partnership with SAREIT, we can collectively empower and nurture the SMMEs sector as they navigate the challenging business environment.

Established in 2008 by its anchor partner Growthpoint Properties Limited, Property Point’s main objective is unlocking opportunities for SMMEs operating within South Africa’s property sector, while assisting them mitigate risks associated with small businesses through reputation building and establishing solid relationships. This relationship was the catalyst to a formidable stakeholder collaboration model, which has since seen Property Point partnering with key industry associates. These associates include Attacq Limited, The Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA), Fortress REIT Limited, Pareto Limited, Women’s Property Network (WPN), Public Investment Corporation (PIC) and National Business Initiative (NBI).

Over the past 12 years, Property Point has facilitated market opportunities to the value of R1.7bn for more than 380 SMMEs that have taken part in its two-year Enterprise and Supplier Development Programme. The programme has helped create more than 4784 jobs and the SMMEs on the programme report average revenue growth of 30.2%.

At the end of 2020, Property Point was recognised by the Property Sector Charter Council as the sector implementation partner of choice for Enterprise and Supplier Development.

“Our partnership with SAREIT is a testament to the industry’s commitment to supporting SMMEs through innovation and human-centric ways to enable economic growth and job creation while transforming South Africa one small business at a time,” commented Theunissen.

This commitment will be aided by Property Point’s robust approach which includes:

  • Customised Enterprise and Supplier Development: Bolstering SMMEs’ compliance, capacity, capability and competence.
  • Community-centric Local Economic Development: Facilitating alignment between key stakeholders of retail asset developments in remote parts of the country.
  • Bespoke Green Economy Programme: Increasing efficiencies in water, energy and waste management among SMMEs.
  • Skills Programme: Preparing young learners to operate as commercial labourers across various disciplines, including carpentry, plumbing, painting and electrical services.
  • Talent Management Programme: Focusing on capacitating senior managers within small businesses with leadership and performance skills.
  • Enabling Access to Finance: This is in partnership with the Jobs Fund initiative and other commercial funders.
  • Dedicated Women’s Programme: Specifically curated for the unique challenges faced by women in the property sector.
  • Research Think Tank: Bridging the gap between academic research and the research needs of SMMEs, funders and policymakers in the small business ecosystem.
  • Content and Information Platform, Entrepreneurship to The Point: Disseminating relevant content into the market to inform, equip and inspire entrepreneurs.

All of these offerings are underpinned by an Impact Measurement and Management approach to ensure that sustainable social and environmental impact is being achieved through these initiatives.

“The changing environment requires improved collaboration in order for the industry to remain progressive, which is why it was imperative for the Association to partner with Property Point to create a conducive operating environment for SMMEs. I am delighted that we have made our partnership official and look forward to working with Property Point as we leverage both our networks to make a meaningful impact on small businesses,” concluded Joanne Solomon, CEO of the SAREIT.