Redefine Properties In Prime Position To Benefit From Increased Exposure To The Polish Retail Sector After Receiving R7.2 Billion EPP Re-Organisation Green Light

Johannesburg, 24 January 2022 – Redefine Properties (JSE: RDF) has received the green light from shareholders to finalise the delisting and takeover of EPP (JSE: EPP), Poland’s largest retail landlord.

The deal, which is still subject to finalisation of outstanding conditions precedent and regulatory requirements, amounts to an estimated R7.2 billion in additional equity for Redefine and adds around R19.7 billion of total assets onto its balance sheet.

On Friday last week, the key step to finalisation of this significant transaction was completed when the proposal received overwhelming support from both Redefine and EPP shareholders. It entails a share-for-share offer by Redefine to acquire all the remaining shares in EPP it does not already own upon delisting thereof.

This will take place at a swap ratio of 2.70 Redefine shares for each EPP share held, to a maximum of 1.1 billion if everyone converts to Redefine shares. Redefine currently holds 45.4% in EPP and on completion of the transaction, the Polish-centred offshore component of its overall portfolio is likely to increase to 30%.

“I was very pleased and encouraged by the high level of Redefine’s shareholder support, with an approval of 78.3% being achieved,” says Redefine CEO Andrew Konig.

He says the support reflects the fact that the transaction ticks several strategic boxes. These include reducing risk, simplifying Redefine’s investment and asset platform and eliminating exposure to a listed investment where Redefine as a minority shareholder had limited input over funding or liquidity management. It also opens the door to exciting retail market opportunities in the Polish market as it accelerates its recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We have always been bullish on the Polish retail market and all indications are the Polish economy will grow in excess of 4% this year. Retail sales are on the rise and we are excited to now have a single entry point into this market via Redefine,” he says.

‘’I am glad that our investors supported EPP delisting and restructuring proposals with a large majority. It was not an easy decision to make. I believe that once the company’s reorganisation is completed, EPP will be in a position to return to the growth path, as well as to regularly deliver dividends to its shareholders,” said Tomasz Trzósło, CEO of EPP. “I also would like to thank the EPP team who put a lot of work into completing this project within a very tight deadline.”

Konig says the deal protects Redefine’s carrying value in EPP from dilutive value destruction and fits perfectly with moves to a more sustainable funding model in which debt is matched to stable assets, rather than underlying listed shares, that are subject to the vagaries of financial markets.

With EPP unable to pay dividends for the past two years and facing significant loan maturities in 2022 and 2023, the deal’s core objective is to significantly reduce EPP’s debt through a liquidity generating restructure, which will restore it to a dividend paying position.

EPP has a loan to value (LTV) of approximately 57% and Konig says it was therefore important to solve the liquidity challenge it was facing, without in any way impacting Redefine’s own LTV ratio.

“Redefine wanted to avoid these liquidity challenges to impact negatively on our own LTV of 41.6%, which we have worked hard to achieve,” explains Konig. As a consequence of the restructure, EPP’s LTV reduces to well below 35% and as a consequence there is a marginal effect on Redefine.

“A lower LTV for EPP bodes very well for its ability to access liquid and well-priced Eurobond markets and open up new sources of funding. This gives us a lot of financial flexibility offshore,” explains Konig.

Redefine’s credit metrics also improve, with its interest cover ratio moving from 2.5 times to beyond 3 times.

Konig explains that as the controlling shareholder of EPP, Redefine will be in a stronger position to drive initiatives to return EPP to a dividend paying position in the short term, thereby delivering improved distributions to Redefine shareholders.

“Redefine’s shareholders will obtain additional exposure to prime Polish retail assets directly held through EPP and there will no longer be two listed entry points to EPP, providing Redefine with a differentiated investment proposition on the JSE and potentially enhanced liquidity. This is a win-win and I believe this is why the results of the shareholder votes were so overwhelming,” he concludes.