SA REITs sector champions women’s empowerment with steadfast progress

Embracing transformation within the South African economy, women professionals are achieving remarkable feats despite historical barriers. The Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) sector proudly contributes to this positive trend by actively fostering greater female representation at executive and board levels.

While acknowledging past disparities in the distribution of roles, we’re forging a new path of inclusivity and opportunity. It’s heartening to observe the sector’s determination to enhance diversity by bolstering the presence of women in key decision-making roles. Our dedication extends beyond the executive level, as we aim to empower women across all echelons of the REIT profession.

In our pursuit of progress, there’s a wealth of potential for growth. We’re propelling gender diversity by elevating women to senior roles and cultivating an environment that encourages young women to join our ranks. Through mentorship, support, and opportunities, we’re nurturing the next generation of leaders, enabling them to ascend the ranks steadily.

As the landscape of our industry evolves in a rapidly changing marketplace, it’s only fitting that women take the lead in steering the ship. The competence and capabilities of women are unquestionable, mirroring those of their male counterparts. This transformation is not just a strategic imperative; it’s a testament to our commitment to equity and fairness.

The infusion of women’s perspectives within the REIT sector is invaluable. Their distinctive viewpoints enhance the sector’s vitality, leading to a sustainable future for the sector. While acknowledging that there’s still a journey ahead, we’re celebrating the transformative strides made thus far.

We proudly highlight some remarkable women REIT board members on our social media platforms through August. Their journeys have shattered glass ceilings and continue to inspire leadership within the sector. They stand as living proof that determination and dedication know no bounds when pursuing a vision.

The sector is privileged to be enriched by these talented women. Their astute insights have catalysed progress, benefitting the businesses they represent and the wider community. As we push forward, we’re committed to further enriching our sector with the dynamism and brilliance of women leaders.

By Joanne Solomon, Chief Executive Officer, SA REIT Association

Sa Reit Womens Month

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